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Summer’s almost gone


After a nice, long, beautiful summer, i took a break and visited my favorite place, for a good peaceful month!

Hope you like the pics that my friends took:) I was too happy to be there, to take pictures:))

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.”



Subsonic Festival Magic Forest

Work we did for Subsonic Festival. We had a forest and some materials to play with and tried to create a special feeling and oasis in the big dark forest. The people enjoyed the music and the deco, they were using our stuff to personalize  their tents:))

The magic Subsonic Forest.

Work I did with Madalina Pavel, aka Buburuze, Raluca Pavel, Tudor and some great volunteers.

Check it out also on facebook🙂

The great pics by: Daniel Robert Dinu @ ImpresStudio ~ Multumim!

Enjoy  the summer!!!

Work in progress ~ deco pentru Subsonic Festival

Saptamana trecuta am primit o provocare de la prietenii de la Buburuze, aka Madalina Pavel. Provocarea era de a transforma o padure, frumoasa de altfel, intr-un loc magic numai bun sa gazduiasca un festival de cultura bas. Primul de gen, din Romania.

Am niste poze cu work in progess, restul pozelor, mai artistice, mai de festival, saptamanile urmatoare.

Enjoy  the summer!!!

Deco pentru Expirat Vama Veche

Amenajare pentru Expirat The Other Side la Vama Veche. Work in progress La Obiect

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Best’Fest Summer Camp 2012

Anul asta am ajuns din nou la B’estFest, festivalul din Tunari, care creste de la an la an inspre mai bine.

Prietenii de la Groove On Radio ne-au invitat sa ne jucam impreuna cu ei pe partea de deco la scena GrooveOn.

Ce a iesit vedeti in poze, sper ca ati ajuns sa vedeti si live.

Calatoria continua! Dream on!!!

Mai multe poze gasiti aici🙂

Silver Angel Bracelet

Silver angel bracelet ~ all heartmade & handmade ~ each piece is unique.

Silver fluffy clouds

Handmade silver fluffy cloud~bracelet~