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October 2013

Siver Rings ~ go with the flow

image(4)I’ve made some new silver rings and found pictures of old ones.

Hope you like their flow.

new home!@

Puful ‘acasa’ a fost un cadou perfect pentru o familie tanara si frumoasa:)

Casuta are atat husa interioara cat si exterioara, ambele prevazute cu fermoar, pentru a le putea spala si / sau reumple. In casuta sunt mii de perle de polistiren. Pisica e intotdeauna la fereastra:)


The ‘home’ pouf was a present for a young family.

Made out of nice natural materials, the cat always smiles from the open window. Hope you enjoy it!

made by Ana Maria Radu

Smooth Stool

Tabureti din materiale naturale, umpluti cu perle de polistiren, 45 cm diametrul si 30 cm inaltime.

Dupa ce au calatorit toata vara pe la festivaluri, le-am facut loc in casa/atelier.

Foto Electric Castle via fb.

Smooth Stools from natural materials filled with polyester pearls.