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Bohemian Square ~ august in Brasov ~

When the girls from Asociatia Bohemian told us they would like to organise the second edition of Festivalul de cultura urbana Bohemian Square, wanting it to be bigger and with new sections we thought it could be a challenge for us and we didn’t hesitate to integrate this nice project among our summer challenges.

We chose one of the squares from the middle of Brasov’s old center as our playground and after a few months of creating and innovating , there’s the beautiful project: We’ve created an urban route, linking two important points of the city Piata Sfatului and Piata Enescu through a series of interventions designed to transform some urban spaces rarely used in public spaces with socio-cultural value.

Old City, New architecture – tensile design, defining the market, creating an intimate space, a living market, not just a headroom. We upholstered the pavement with grass and created The Bohemian Lounge with pieces of furniture made of reused pallets and with the famous La Obiect poufs.

The comfy spot invited people to stop by the outdoor library opened during the festival. For three days there was music, theatre and lots of workshops taking place on the streets of Brasov. It was just PERFECT!

We would like to thank to Gazonul, Mobilier din paletiHumanitas libraries and Okian for the involvement and full support! Also thank you Alpinisha team for giving us your invaluable aid in the achievement of all items!

Many special thanks to Asociatia Bohemian for inviting us and making us part of their wonderful story!

Last, but not least a big Thanks to the volunteers for their involvement!

 You can find more pictures here (foto by Robert Cadar) and here (foto by Andrei Paul) and of course on our facebook page!


La Obiect Team: Ioana Trantea – The Originator

Madalina Sarbu – The Elevator

Ana Maria Radu – The Innovator

Our beloved wizards : George Tocanie from Alpinisha and Costin Vidan

Our teleportation responsible: Radu Ciolpan

AIRFIELD festival Sibiu – it’s a must!

We continue our summer adventure with the fairest of them all. Airfield Festival Sibiu, a brand new festival located in Sibiu, with good underground music, airplanes and lots of love was a challenge for La Obiect.

What started as a design concept for the chill area, became a real stage of the festival and we do believe that next year we’ll make it even bigger and more interactive for the lovely public. So put it in your schedule: next year , beginning of August, we’ll learn how to fly again at Airfield.

On this occasion we want to send our special thanks to the organisers for making everything happen. It was a great pleasure working with the volunteers from Sibiu…we had lots of fun!

Airfield is about good music, great scenery, Sibiu and surroundings, airplanes and parachutes, people and great vibe.


Some pictures are taken from the official page of the festival. Photo credits: Sebastian Marcovici , Dragos Dumitru, Silvana Arvat, hila.ro



Hammock pillows

I’m working on a new project. It involves a MinorSwing Hammock and a soft comfy pillow. It’s a remake of the snakes I do. We’ve been testing them on some friends @Electric Castle Festival and they fell in love with the concept:) So be prepared for a La Obiect twist on the hammocks, the hammock pillow!

Soon in all the rainbow colors!

Electric Castle 2014

 Electric Castle Festival 2014 Photo: Adrian Varzaru | www.adrianvarzaru.eu

Electric Castle Festival 2014 Photo: Adrian Varzaru

by night photo//Sergiu Mihaescu

by night photo//Sergiu Mihaescu

This year’s Electric Castle was Bigger Better Stronger and so was our corner in the festival. We got there one week before the show and did our magic with the chill area, near the reggae stage. MinorSwing put on the hammocks and the hammock swings and La Obiect made the shadow design for the spot. I don’t wanna talk about the festival, cause it’s a must to come and see it!

Our spot during the festival was a meeting point for all the people who wanted to share their ideas. We had Iulian from Free Miorita taking a small break from his traveling around the country, lots of artists relaxing after their show and our new friends from Dej making nice workshops with light and colour.

The village, the castle, the music, all is one and all is love!

Photo credits:  Vlad Rosu // Adrian Varzaru // Sergiu Mihaescu // Csaba Orban // Bogdan Alge // Madalina Sarbu // Ana Maria Radu // Ioana Trantea // Andrei Gruia

Chill and MinorSwing hammocks area ~ @ Electric Castle Festival 2014 Photo: Adrian Varzaru | www.adrianvarzaru.eu

Chill and MinorSwing hammocks area ~ @ Electric Castle Festival 2014 Photo: Adrian Varzaru | www.adrianvarzaru.eu



the Blue Elephant Pouf

10371749_10202871293561845_3264135380210442297_nThe elephant pouf was made for Arun and his beautiful family. It’s suitable for kids as well as adults and makes you happy every time you see it.