Every project is special to us, but when it came to a Horror and Fantasy Festival held in our beloved Brasov, when eight international shorts and seven Romanian shorts ran together, when a new version on Dracula’s story was launched, when all these happen, things seem to be even more interesting.

As you probably figured out, we’ve been to Brasov for the second edition of Dracula Film: Horror and Fantasy Festivaland we completed the fantasy atmosphere with a few scenic accents and details. Therefore we formed an army of bats and spiders with their webs and we conquered the Dramatical Theatre (Sica Alexandrescu) where the grand opening of the festival took place.
We loved everything: the atmosphere, the people and enjoyed Gary Shore’s first feature movie, Dracula Untold, very inspiring for our little bottles with semi-dry Dracula’s blood.

On this occasion we want to give our special thanks to the organizers, to the sponsors and to all the team of volunteers that made everything possible.
Also many thanks to our special collaborator from Brasov: Horea.

Till next time, enjoy some pictures!


Dracula Festival interior horror design


Asociatia Fanzin

What We Did

creating the atmosphere for the place where the festival took place/ creating objects for the whole festival

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