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Airfield Festival 2015

Location design for Airfield Festival 2015//Sibiu//Romania.

The festival is happening on an airfield and there’s a lot of flying and floating around:)

We tried to keep it simple and relaxed. Mandalas were looking good as seen from above.  Can’t wait for next year’s adventure~!


magic team: ioana, mihaela, zino, margi, ciprian, radu, stefi, irina, tiganu, rares, andrei, dani  & wonder jo & all the great volunteers from Sibiu!

Electric Castle 2015

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. Didn’t have time and didn’t feel like writing. It’s winter and I dream of summer and remember all the cool things we’ve done 😀 around the country. The first was Electric Castle Festival, the magic festival near Cluj, on a beautiful castle site. It’s my third time at the castle and I already feel like home there. About last year’s experience you can read here.

It’s like a dream being there for more than one week and working on the chill areas. Colours, hammocks, shadow, lights…music. If you’re not into music you can still spend some time there, going to  Restoration workshops happening all summer//powered by Transylvania Trust.

magic team: ioana, andrei, cristi, marcel, andrei i, gabi, carla, andrei g, oti & a big, big help from the logistics team of the festival. Thanks beautiful people!

I’m just gonna leave here the pictures people from all over the world took @ the festival.


Luminish Waha la Street Delivery

This weekend you can relax in a urban oasis on the streets of Bucharest, in a place we ‘shadow~designed’ for Waha Festival @Street Delivery.  Check out our latest waha experience!

Enjoy the shadow!

Bazar Pub in Brasov

Our idea of a RuinPUb. La Obiect @ Bohemian Flow // 2015 // Brasov // Romania

Blue Spring Wreath

Once upon a Blue Spring ~ blue natural Wreaths ~ lavander, textiles, blue flowers ~ handmade by Mihaela Poenaru.

Change your spirit with some beautiful natural design ~ Happy Spring!!!

Handmade Happy Flowers

Anul acesta asteptam Floriile cu cosurile pline de flori colorate si vesele. Cei mici le spun baghete magice, sunt moi,organice si abia asteapta sa va aduca primavara in case!

Un proiect de Mihaela Poenaru, in colaborare cu La Obiect.


We are celebrating spring with a new project. This time of the year it’s all about the happy flowers. We sew and sew and finally got the baskets full of colors.

Happy Flowers Project by Mihaela Poenaru with a little La Obiect help.